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Greenworks 80v Mower Review In 2022

Lawns Tools Team
  Jul 2, 2022 11:36 AM

In today's modern life, everyone is busy with work. All professions must have the help of machines and electronic devices to make the job easier. In all fields, there is the presence of machinery and equipment to help people work quickly and conveniently. 

Gardeners need lawnmowers to keep the garden weed-free and help plants grow. The Lawnmower is a tool to assist people in cutting grass in gardens, parks, and streets more clean and tidy. 

This tool cleans and decorates the premises simple, easy to implement, and aesthetically pleasing. Today, we will learn together about Greenworks 80v mower product line.

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To review, evaluate and compare objectively between Greenworks and other machines on the market, you need to look at it based on many different factors. 

Therefore, you can rely on these characteristics to choose and determine which machine is suitable for your family. Here are the most accurate features and information about the greenworks 80v mower that we want to share with you:


In terms of appearance, the GreenWorks pro 80v lawn mower has a unique color and stands out with two primary colors: green and black, creating harmony and beauty. Those who love blue will surely be quite interested in the product.

In addition, this lawnmower also attracts many users with its compact and sturdy design. Accompanying that is also a relatively small weight - about 71.4 pounds with dimensions of 32.3 x 18.2 x 20.4 inches, respectively. However, compared to other GreenWorks machines, this is probably a bit heavy, and if homemakers use it to move, it will be tiring.

Another advantage is all-wheel designs up to 7 inches. The device can move quickly on all types of terrain. Even if you use it with rocky areas, flower beds, and bogs, it can't make GreenWorks 80v mower difficult.


Smart Cut Technology

The cutting technology of GreenWorks pro-80-volt lawn mower can easily adjust the power depending on the thickness and length of the grass. With this feature, you can extend the service life of your mower and still be able to operate efficiently on thick grass.

3-in-1 Discharge

Products integrated with 3-in-1 technology are highly flexible and convenient:

The side discharge design throws the cut grass to the side of the mower as a way of opening your way to other layers of grass.

The rear discharge design allows you to collect the neck in your pocket for neat cleanup of every cut.

The coating is to help the product work more robust and durable even after several hours of continuous use.

21″ Steel Deck

With a 21″ Steel Deck design, users can cut more grass on each move. Besides, the steel structure will help bring a higher side for the machine.

Ball Bearing Wheels

Usually, users will not pay too much attention to this Ball Bearing Wheels part until you use Costco GreenWorks lawnmower. These wheels will help your products work more powerfully, making gardening more interesting instead of tiring and boring as before.

7 Position Cutting Heights

The manufacturer has cleverly integrated 7 Position Cutting Heights to help users quickly adjust the height during the cutting process and make the device easier to move with a flexible lever height adjustment system.


Because the product runs on batteries and belongs to modern machines, this design is quite popular in households. Especially with various models, there are even small types dedicated to treating weed areas around the porch or the house wall very effectively.

In general, there is no smoke pollution with this type, and of course, it will not harm the environment around you. It is essential not to make any noise to make full use of the afternoon or any other time to garden.

Customer's Feedback

Many customers rate Greenworks pro lawn mower 80v as good value for money. For many customers, this model prefers rather neat dimensions. Also, this modification can boast of its noiselessness. 

To do this, manufacturers have installed a unique protective cover in the design. As a result, at a distance of 3 meters, the breaker outputs only <60dB, which is exceptionally reasonable.

The GreenWorks 80v mower electric lawn mowers are a fairly sturdy frame and can withstand large loads. The motor in the system is asynchronous. Electricity consumes it within the limits of the standards and stands out, especially for being inexpensive. 

In addition, the product has more torque and smooth operation. Combined with the grass bag located at the back, cleaning work is more straightforward.

Besides, the product has a long life; the bearings and bearings are made from high-quality, lightweight materials. In the worst case, the machine has a problem, and spare parts are always available at dealer stores, simple disassembly and replacement.


  • High-quality steel floor

  • Integrated innovative cutting technology, modern.

  • Solid wheels, easy to move on any terrain.


  • The weight is a bit heavy compared to other Greenworks product lines

Tips To Select One

  • Choose a machine with a lawn mowing capacity that is directly related to the area and type of grass you need to clean, depending on the machine's capacity.

  • If your lawn area is small, you should choose to buy a hand-held pusher without a motor or an electric mower to avoid exhaust fumes and noise.

  • Look closely at the blade head to see if the spindle is stable, and there is a jerk or pause, there is vibration when operating. In addition, it is also advisable to check the Engine transmission of the machine to ensure quality.

  • It is recommended to choose a device with a smoke and waste management unit when using it, to protect health and the surrounding environment.

  • The more accessories the device has, the more functions it has compared to other devices.

  • Besides, when choosing one, users can choose the size and color according to their needs and preferences; the lawnmower has a variety of sizes and colors for users to select.

  • A few notes you need to know in the process of using GreenWorks 80v mower

  • Here are a few notes you need to know in the process of using GreenWorks glm801600 80v 21-inch cordless lawn mower:

  • Regularly check parts such as screws or lubricating joints and ensure the machine's accessories are secure before operation.

  • Carefully read the step-by-step instructions for the lawnmower, from starting up to how to use the machine to use the device effectively and safely. In addition, the manual also provides information on the proper maintenance of the machine.

  • Before cutting the lawn, you should ensure that the property has no obstructions such as glass bottles, gravel, stones, etc. If they collide with the machine, these objects can chip the blade and cause danger to the user.

  • The device should be stored away from heat sources and preferably not under direct sunlight.

  • Even if you do not use it, you should also start the engine regularly to avoid rusting the engine's internal parts.


In addition to the above information, you can refer to the following questions about GreenWorks 80v mower.

What does Greenworks 80v mower stand out for most?

In terms of product highlights, Greenworks 80v mower also has many similarities with other lawnmowers on the market. The most prominent is probably the modern design and highly favorable price. According to our many searches, the GreenWorks 80v mower is one of the few lawnmowers with many features at a low price.

Is the price of GreenWorks 80 volt lawn mower expensive or not?

In terms of price, GreenWorks 80v mower is not too expensive. Even many customers may consider that the cost of this device is just low compared to the features they bring. Therefore, anyone can own. Many people feel that spending money to own this product is highly worth it. Sure, GreenWorks 80v mower will not let you down.

Why should I use GreenWorks lawn mower 80v?

One of the top reasons you should choose the Greenworks 80v mower version is flexibility. Accordingly, any garden feature is suitable for this device. Although not perfect in every way, this tool is guaranteed to fulfill all your needs. Quickly buy the product today to spread the gardening work in a simpler, lighter, and more comfortable way.

Is Greenworks 80v mower suitable for large yards?

The 80v GreenWorks lawn mower version uses batteries with a battery level of 80V 4.0Ah. Besides, the product also prepares a fast charger for customers. If you need to use this product on a large yard, then fully charge the battery or always carry a fast charger when required. Because sometimes, the available battery will not be enough for you to clean your entire garden or yard.


Thus, today's article has introduced you to the product. Currently, buying a lawnmower is no longer difficult. You don't even have to go to the store to take the products home. The best way to buy GreenWorks 80v mowers is on e-commerce platforms like Amazon for home delivery support!

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