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Greenworks 40v lawn mower: Complete Reviews & Top Picks

Lawns Tools Team
  Jul 3, 2022 11:53 PM

Today, there are many new lawnmower brands launched with different features and prices and different qualities and origins. For farms that need to be mowed frequently, quickly, and efficiently, manual mowing is not possible. Buying a quality genuine lawnmower branded and, importantly, lightweight will be the wish of most farms. 

So choosing for yourself a lawnmower to use that ensures good quality, long life, replacement parts, and the durable, high-performance motor is not easy for the market with too many products as they are today. Today, we will learn together about GreenWorks 40v lawn mower

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To objectively review, evaluate, and compare the Greenworks product lines and other lawnmowers on the market, you need to consider them based on many factors. 

From there, you can rely on these characteristics to choose and determine which machine is suitable for your family. Here are the most accurate features and information about greenworks 40v lawn mower that we have. summed up for you.


In terms of appearance, the GreenWorks lawn mower 40v has a unique color and stands out with banana green for the plastic cover and black for the wires and a few other prominent details. Although there are 2 primary color tones, it still creates harmony and beauty.

In addition, this lawnmower also attracts many users with its compact and sturdy design. Attached is also not too heavyweight, and certainly, homemakers can use the device easily.

With the GreenWorks 40v lawn mower line, the width is 16, 19, and 21 inches, respectively, and can be used quickly on all types of terrain. Even rocky areas, flower beds, and bogs cannot make this product difficult.


The 2 models of the GreenWorks 40v cordless lawn mower are all 3 features in 1 unit to provide flexible options with rear bagging, coating, and side discharge capabilities for multiple uses. In addition, there is a model that integrates 2 features in 1. However, any model will help you easily clean the grass in your area.

Mulching and weeding will leave a fertilizer that stimulates the grass to grow thicker. However, many people still hope to gather grass in bags. Because not always, users also need to fertilize the grass.

Next is the height adjustment feature of the machine. In theory, you can change up to 7 positions easily. Specifically, each model will have different adjustment levels as follows:

  • 7-position height-adjustable single-lever offers different cutting heights from 1-1/8-inch to 3-inch and electric starter

  • 5-position height-adjustable single lever with a range of cutting flowers from 1-1/4" to 3-3/8" for the best cut in all different terrain

  • Single lever, 7-position height adjustment for the best amount in any terrain

Engine noise

Another outstanding advantage that makes many people choose electric-powered tools is better noise resistance. 

According to many tests, we found that the sound emitted by the electric motor is much quieter than the explosion inside the combustion chamber of the gasoline engine.

Even the equipment noise is so low that your neighbors may not even know that you are mowing the lawn with the mower. Accordingly, you can use your lunch break or any free time for gardening without fear of disturbing anyone.

If you are a person who hates loud sounds, then you should own this device right away. It is the best solution for people living in urban areas, with many neighbors around.

Ability to protect the environment

Any manufacturer today is always aiming to protect the living environment. We all know that the internal combustion engine will emit massive emissions during operation. 

At that time, the air you live in will encounter serious pollution problems that affect health, especially for families with the elderly and children. In some cases of equipment deterioration, the cylinder will emit black smoke containing many harmful impurities. During the cleaning process, if you regularly breathe in those fumes, your health is definitely in decline.

In contrast, electric motors do not have any emissions. Thanks to that, the air around you always keeps a stable level. Greenworks is one of the leading brands in eliminating gasoline engines to protect the environment. Now, what are you waiting for without bringing GreenWorks 40v cordless lawn mower home to experience it today?

Customer comments

It would be remiss if we ignored the user experience of a product. Indeed, devices with much good value consistently score points with the person about to buy. Because the user's feelings are often more accurate and multidimensional.

Most buyers love the GreenWorks 40v cordless lawnmower, according to the information we learned. The comments below the product are primarily positive and rated as the product's quality as described by the manufacturer.

Another unique thing is that GreenWorks lawn mower 40v battery has a warranty, bringing a sense of safety and peace of mind during the product experience. If you have any equipment-related problems, GreenWorks will come out to solve the problem for you. You would receive a perfect product back if the previous creation were defective.

Quick Rundown Of Greenworks 40v Lawn Mower


  • Work quickly and efficiently

  • Compact and aesthetic design

  • Save costs, do not pollute the environment

  • Flexible in use


  • There is no self-move mode, and you have to push automatically.

  • Depending on each new model, there is a mode to collect grass into the bag

Some Tips To Choose

  • A corded electric lawn mower is connected to the mains directly, so there is no problem with the machine running out of battery and leaving you helpless when only half the yard is mowed. But on the other hand, it requires you to skillfully handle the lawn mower's cords simultaneously to avoid the machine running on the wire, which causes trouble. For many people, it's not a problem to take care of the cord, but it bothers others.

  • With cordless electric lawn mowers, you have complete freedom to move anywhere you want without worrying about entanglement like corded electric lawn mowers. And if you plan to do the task ahead of time, fully charge it to ensure it stays on for at least 30 minutes. A more brilliant thing, equip yourself with a battery backup device and be confident that your work will go a lot smoother.

  • Currently, gasoline-powered lawn mowers are chosen by most people because the engine of this machine is robust and works well. Because of the powerful motor is suitable for cutting tall and thick grass, suitable for many different terrains. 

  • It is not entangled with electrical wires like electric lawnmowers, large capacity, quick work handling. However, this line of lawn is mowed by motor noise. The machine can also be a bit more expensive. And in the process of using it, you need regular maintenance and environmental pollution.

In general, no matter what type of equipment you choose, Greenworks also applies a low-cost maintenance policy for you. Since then, maintenance has been easy and cheaper than internal combustion engines. If your financial conditions are limited, you can prioritize choosing this device.


In addition to the above information, you can refer to the following questions about GreenWorks 40v lawn mower

What does Greenworks 40v lawn mower stand out the most about?

In terms of product benefits, GreenWorks 40v lawn mower battery has many similarities with other lawnmowers on the market. The most prominent is probably the modern design and highly favorable price.

What is the price of a greenworks 40v lawn mower?

In terms of price, Greenworks 40v battery lawn mower is not too expensive, hovering around $500. We can even say that the cost of this device is just so low that anyone can own it. Many people feel that spending money to own this product is highly worth it. Surely, GreenWorks 40v lawn mower will not let you down.

Why should I use greenworks 40v lawn mower?

One of the top reasons you should choose the Greenworks 40v lawn mower version is flexibility. Accordingly, any garden feature is suitable for this device. While not perfect in every way, this tool is guaranteed to fulfill all your needs. Hurry up and buy the product today so you can experience working with the device right away.


In short, GreenWorks 40v lawn mower is a product worth your money to experience. With its outstanding advantages, we believe that this tool will be the perfect support for you while mowing the lawn. Thank you for following our article. You can leave all your questions in the comments below to best assist you. Finally, do not forget to share this article with many people to refer to.

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