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Best robot lawn mower: Expert’s Guide & Top Choice

Lawns Tools Team
  Jul 4, 2022 12:19 AM

Owning a green, neatly trimmed lawn requires quite a lot of time and effort. The only way to reduce the workload was to seek professional lawn care services in the past.

However, now, you have another option to invest in a lawn mower robot that automatically takes care of your yard.

Investing in an intelligent device like a robot will cost you a lot of money. To be sure not to make a mistake, you should not ignore the instructions and suggestions to find the Best robot lawn mower in this article.

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Buying Guides

In addition to the three suggestions above, you have many other options when looking for a lawn mower robot. However, not every product can make you satisfied. To avoid making a mistake when choosing, here are some things you need to keep in mind.


There are quite a few ways to classify lawn mowing robots. Some people rank machines based on navigation technology such as GPS, mapping, others based on the carpet area that can be cut. In the framework of this article, we would like to introduce to you how to classify based on cutting methods.

Currently, there are three main cutting methods:

  • Straight cutting: as the name suggests, the robot will move and cut the grass in a straight line. When touching an obstacle or marked wire, the robot will turn in another direction and continue working straight.

  • Spiral cutting: this method is quite suitable for areas with limited areas.

  • GPS support: the robot will set up a virtual map. This map provides all the areas mowed and the history of cutting in that area. The machine will automatically weed most optimally in each room according to the spiral method from the above information.

Things to consider

In addition to the type of cutting, when choosing a robot, you also need to pay attention to the following issues:

The battery

Most robots today use lithium batteries. Compared with traditional batteries, Lithium-ion batteries have a long life fast charging and do not make the device heavier.

Although there are many advantages, some models still do not use this modern battery but use lead-acid batteries. 

Choosing a robot that uses this type of battery can save you a bit, but you should avoid using a robot that runs on lead-acid batteries in practice. 

Because these models take a long time to charge, the life expectancy and the amount of power are not so excellent.

Operating time

A rule when choosing a lawnmower robot is that the larger the machine, the heavier the weight, the larger the battery consumption. As a result, the uptime isn't usually too impressive either.

The average running time of the robot is about 60 minutes. Some of the more compact models can last up to several hours. However, the above parameters are only in ideal conditions. If you use the robot on steep hilly terrain, the usage time will be greatly shortened with many obstacles.

Charging time

This parameter depends on quite a lot on the battery capacity and the device's size.

Typically, robot models for small lawns will take about 30 minutes to charge fully. Meanwhile, high-end models are used to tackle more extensive lawns, and the total charge time can be up to more than 4 hours.

Some other features

The following features, although not mandatory, have a significant impact on your experience as well as overall efficiency:

  • Smart connection: when connecting the robot to the phone, you can control the robot remotely or check the machine when not on the lawn.

  • Security: some robot models support PIN security. Others provide GPS trackers so you can find your device if it's stolen.

  • Set a schedule: this feature is quite helpful if you own a large lawn area. Because in this case, you may want to cut the lawn in different regions at different times. A robot with the ability to set a schedule will help you do this task instead of running through the property like some other robots.

  • Weather sensor: Rainwater may not affect the robot's engine, but it can make mowing more difficult. Because water can make the terrain more slippery, grass clumps into the cut floor and many other discomforts.

At this time, the weather sensor feature will come into play when ordering the robot to return to the starting position instead of operating as the preset schedule.


When it comes to robotic lawn mowers, you have quite a few options to choose from. And the three suggestions below are the most thoughtful options you have right now:

WORX WR165 Robotic Lawn Mower - Best for narrow aisles


  • Cutting Width: 8 Inches.

  • Cutting Incline: Up to 20°.

  • Cutting Capacity: Up to 1/8 Acre.

Product's highlights

Lawn mowing robots usually work pretty well on large, flat terrain, but they show disadvantages when weeding in narrow areas such as walkways. But the WORX WR165 is an exception.

This product can still automatically weed even in tight areas. This impressive ability comes from AIA navigation technology, which allows the robot to handle and adjust its direction on unfavorable terrain.

Not only works well in tight spaces, but Worx WR165 also performs exceptionally well on uneven terrain. When weeding on this terrain, the floating blade disc of the machine will automatically lift to give more space, preventing the device from getting stuck.

Applying innovative technology to products is always an advantage of Worx, WR165 is no exception. In addition to the above exclusive technologies, this robot model also supports Radio Link to keep Landroid connected, an Anti-collision system, or Find my Landroid GPS to help prevent theft.

More than just a robot model that applies many advanced technologies, the WR165 is also really powerful. 

Compared with conventional brush motor mowers, this brushless motor robot model is 50% more efficient while still having a great service life.


  • High performance.

  • 10% longer life than lawnmowers using brush motors.

  • AIA navigation technology.

  • It can work well on uneven areas.

  • Application of many advanced technologies.


  • Expensive.

GARDENA SILENO Minimo - Best for small lawns


  • Cutting height: 0.78 - 1.77 inches.

  • Cutting Width: 6.2 Inches.

  • Cutting Capacity: 2700 sq. ft.

Product's highlights

GARDENA SILENO Minimo is a robot that can handle lawns of 2700 square feet. Compared to cleaning yourself or hiring a lawn mower service, owning a high-performance robot-like Gardena will bring you long-term benefits.

One of those benefits is that the product delivers even, streak-free cuts and leaves patches of grass behind, creating a precious mulch.

In addition, GARDENA SILENO Minimo is extremely quiet. With a noise level of only about 57 dB, you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors when mowing the lawn. You can even relax in the backyard while the robot helps you get the job done.

And finally, this robot model can also work well on many terrains and weather conditions. Rain or shine, the landscape is steep or uneven, as long as the grass is still within the boundary line, the GARDENA SILENO Minimo will handle it just as you expected.


  • Work well on many terrains.

  • Quiet, minimal noise.

  • Handle 2700 square ft lawns well.

  • The cut is even, leaving no streaks.

  • Three-axis rotary blade system.


  • No GPS.

WORX WR147 Robotic Lawn Mower - Best for Obstacle Terrain


  • Cutting Width: 7 Inches.

  • Cutting Capacity: Up to 1/4 Acre.

  • Cutting Incline: Up to 20°.

Product's highlights

Not everyone owns a flat lawn. The reason may come from the natural terrain, steep, rough, or you want to place decorations on the property. Sometimes, it's the obstacles you accidentally or intentionally set up that can make it difficult to mow the lawn automatically.

However, that is not why you have to handle your growing grass yourself. You can still choose high-performance intelligent robot models, of which WORX WR147 is an example.

Similar to the WR165, this product also uses a floating blade disc raised when encountering rough parts, thereby solving a stuck situation.

In addition, the manufacturer also equips the product with an anti-collision system. With this system, the robot can sense obstacles. Combined with the artificial intelligence algorithm, the machine can go to every corner of your lawn without any hindrance.


  • Integrated control via an app.

  • Fast charging time.

  • Can overcome obstacles.

  • Anti-collision system.

  • Smart AIA navigation technology.


  • Small cutting area.

Tips And Trips

A lawn mowing robot makes your job less laborious. But you can make taking care of your large lawn even more straightforward thanks to a few tips below:

Clean and change blades regularly

To maintain the robot's cutting performance, you should clean the robot's underside regularly. Ensure that dirt or grass clippings are not attached to the wheels or moving parts. Regular cleaning is also a simple habit that can extend the robot's life.

In addition, depending on the type of machine you use, you should change the blade at a specific frequency to keep the robot at its maximum cutting performance.

Establish a bridge between the lawns

If you want to weed many different lawns, there are barriers such as walls, flower beds, and you should consider building a bridge.

Because the robot needs a walkway width of at least 1m, if you can't set up a bridge or create a gate for the robot to pass through, you will probably need to spend extra money to equip another robot lawn mower.

Be careful with the high-slope grass

You will find quite a few models of lawn mowers that are advertised as being able to work well on slopes up to 24°. However, in reality, the above numbers only really make sense if you run the robot in optimal conditions, without adverse conditions such as slippery or obstacles.

To use the robot on steep slopes, a trick is that you may have to divide the upper and lower parts of the lawn into 2 separate areas from there.


If you've learned a few things to consider when choosing, as well as tips and tricks when using a lawn mower, it's time to clear all your doubts before starting to choose and operate the device:

Do all lawn mowers work well on steep terrain?

As mentioned, most lawn mowers today can handle mildly sloping terrain. But not every device can operate well on steep terrain. To ensure the product can work well in your garden, you should refer to the maximum slope declared by the manufacturer.

Do I need more than one lawn mower to handle multiple areas?

Some robot models allow you to set a base zone - where the machine can cut on a schedule and a numbered area - where you can manually mow the lawn. In addition, there are also several models of multi-zone cutters that solve your problem well.

Are lawn mowing robots good for the environment?

The answer depends on the type of machine you choose.

However, the robot is much more environmentally friendly than traditional lawn mowers using bulky gasoline engines. The only problem for lawn mowers is replacing Lithium-ion batteries, which are not always easy to recycle or throw away.


The Best robot lawn mower offers more benefits than you think.

The device not only saves you a lot of time and effort for lawn care. You can also have a greener and healthier lawn because the small clippings of the pruning process act as a safe fertilizer. 

At the same time, regular pruning also helps the lawn to have fewer weeds, so the grass is thicker and more robust.

So what are you waiting to choose a lawn mower robot and enjoy all the great benefits that the product brings?

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