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Best Lawn Mowers Under 300 In 2022: Top Picks & Guide

Lawns Tools Team
  Jul 2, 2022 10:28 AM

Lawn mowing is a must when you own a lawn.

In the past, when access to lawn tools was difficult, hiring a professional care service was the choice of many people. However, now, you can completely take care of your lawn at a fairly reasonable cost.

Because today, the market offers quite a lot of cheap options but with fantastic quality. If you are interested in the above options, do not miss the list of Best lawn mowers under 300 below.

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Buying Guides

In addition to the suggestions above, you have many options at a price under $300. However, not every product can make you satisfied.

To choose an affordable lawn mower model that meets your needs, don't forget the buying guide below:


There are quite a few ways to classify lawnmowers. So that you don't get confused when choosing, here are some of the most popular models:

If based on control, here are the two main types of lawnmowers:

  • Ride-On Mowers: this model has the most impressive handling performance. You can use these products to take care of medium and large lawns without spending too much time and effort.

  • Walk Mowers: Unlike the tool that allows you to control the top, you will go behind the Walk Mowers to control. Because of the design and engine characteristics, you should only choose this model for small lawns.

In addition to the control method, you can also classify lawnmowers based on the power supply.

  • Manual lawn mower: Low cost, environmental friendliness, no noise are significant advantages of this model. However, it would help if you only used the manual lawn mower on lawns with a small area.

  • Electric lawn mowers: This type of mower usually comes with a cable. As long as you connect to a power source, this device will help you handle grass quickly and efficiently.

  • Gas lawn mower: This model has many advantages over electric lawn mowers: mobility, power, speed of handling. Meanwhile, the most noticeable disadvantage of this model is that it can cause environmental pollution when using a gas-powered engine.

  • Battery-powered lawnmower: this model overcomes most of the disadvantages of previous models. Specifically, the battery-powered lawn mower does not depend on power is highly portable lighter than gas-powered machines, while the cutting efficiency is also quite impressive.

If I had to find one drawback of this model, it would probably be that you need to change the battery after a period of use.

Things To Consider

When choosing a lawnmower, in addition to considering the product model, you should consider a few factors below:

Engine size

If you choose a petrol engine, you need to ensure the machine is powerful enough to get the job done. Usually, the larger the engine, the less likely phenomena such as stalling longer mowing time will appear.

In the sub $300 price range, you can find models with 140cc engines. The above number is quite suitable for the product to work well on small and medium-sized lawns.


With wheels, you need to pay attention to wheel size and bearings.

In theory, the larger the wheel, the better the ability to move on rough terrain. Meanwhile, the ball bearing makes the machine easier to push, significantly saving time and effort.


  • Cutting width: in simple terms, this parameter represents the maximum width of the cutting line of the machine. The larger the parameter, the higher the cutting efficiency, shortening your working time.

Generally, if you own a small to medium-sized lawn, the cutting width should range from 300mm to 400mm. The cutting width should be more than 400mm on more extensive grounds.

  • Cutting height: this parameter refers to the maximum grass size that the device can handle. Usually, a lawnmower will not have a fixed cutting height because you can adjust the blade at any time. However, you should refer to the ideal cutting height will be between 20mm - 60mm.


To get the most out of your tool, you need regular maintenance. However, each type of machine requires different levels and methods of supervision.

Specifically, it will take you longer to clean the fuel-powered engine. You need to clean the filter, spark plugs, and more with this type of machine.

Meanwhile, electric lawn mowers do not require too much maintenance. As long as you don't forget to sharpen the blade and clean the floor frame, you'll be able to use the tool for years to come.


The suggestions below have many differences in design and features, but they all have one thing in common: they have a surprising price when considering the product's advantages.

Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch - Best for small sizes


  • Cutting Width: 21 Inches.

  • Operation Mode: Manual.

  • Weight: 62 Pounds.

Product highlights

If you're looking for a sub-$300 lawn mower that's right for your average lawn, Yard Machines is a name you shouldn't miss.

The manufacturer has equipped the product with a powerful 140cc OHV mechanical engine that can work well with your lawn. 

Besides, Yard Push Mower supports two coating capabilities: side discharge and overlay. The above addition will surely satisfy you with this reasonably priced cutter model.

Another remarkable advantage of this product is the durable and flexible wheel system. With a 7'' front wheel, 8'' rear wheel, this model can work well on many terrains, including complex or loose soil.

Reliable wheels combined with a sturdy handle create a product easily adjusted and safely operated.


  • Durable engine.

  • Dual-lever height adjustment.

  • Wheels are durable, flexible, and easy to turn.

  • Equipped with side discharge and coating capabilities.

  • Firm handle, easy to operate.


  • The adjustment height is not stable.

Craftsman M105 Gas Powered - Best for cutting tall grass


  • Cutting Width: 21 Inches.

  • Operation Mode: Manual.

  • Weight: 18.8 Pounds.

Product highlights

Working well on large areas, cutting cleanly, and supporting a variety of heights, the above advantages make the Craftsman M105 the best choice in the price range that can handle tall grass well.

Specifically, this model uses a 140cc engine and a 21-inch cutting platform. The above parameters promise to bring a lawnmower that can handle small and medium-sized lawns.

Accompanying the powerful 140cc engine in the price range is a sharp blade. Therefore, there is almost no doubt about the clean, efficient cut that the product delivers.

Even if you take care of your fairly tall lawn, the Craftsman delivers a massive clean cut that you can't find elsewhere in the same price range.

In addition, this model allows you to adjust 6 cutting heights. The ability to customize is quite extensive, and it will help you a lot in implementing many lawn mowing projects with different needs.

Finally, there is also a reasonably necessary feature when dealing with tall grass: packing the cut grass. Besides, you also have two other options, respectively, side discharge and coating.


  • The anti-shock motor automatically shuts off.

  • Large mowing deck, mowing grass with just one move.

  • 6 different height adjustment levels.

  • Durable Zag Treaded tires.

  • Perfect for tall grass areas.


  • Not suitable for hilly terrain or inclines.

Greenworks 40V Push - Best for beginners


  • Cutting Width: 16 Inches.

  • Operation Mode: Manual.

  • Weight: 37.5 Pounds.

Product highlights

There are many reasons why the Greenworks 40V should be the first model of lawn mower you own. In particular, in addition to the product's easy-to-access price, this cutter model also possesses a series of advantages below:

The first is the ease of use. The machine weighs only 37.5 lbs - much lower than current lawn treatment products. Moreover, with just the push of a button, you can start the engine safely.

Not only that, when you first own your lawn, the area or the need for mowing probably won't be too high. And that's why products with a 16'' cutting floor like Greenworks can still deliver impressive processing efficiency.

In addition to the above advantages, the difference of Greenworks also comes from the 40V electric motor that comes with a 4.0 Ah battery. As the manufacturer announced, the motor and battery capacity above can help the machine run continuously for 45 minutes.

Using an electric motor instead of gas and oil makes Greenworks one of the few lawn mower models that do not require too much maintenance. Because the energy source in the battery allows the product to start immediately, limiting fuel-related problems.

All the above advantages are enough to prove that Greenworks 40V can ultimately help you get the job done on your first lawn.


  • Easy to use.

  • Five levels of height adjustment.

  • Lightweight.

  • No maintenance is required.

  • Limit noise.


  • It may not cut as clean as some gas-powered machines.

Tips And Trick

To mow the lawn effectively, owning a powerful tool is not enough. It would help if you also referred to the sharing-related tips when using the machine to make the most of the device's efficiency. And here are tips like that:

  • You should mow the lawn early in the evening. Because, during this time, the temperature and humidity on the property will be at the best level of the day.

  • Cut the property early in the evening, and you will avoid dampness caused by early morning fog causing messy cuts. Similarly, you can reduce stress in your property by moving your pruning schedule to a more remarkable part of the day instead of working in the hot sun.

  • Control the lawnmower in different directions. Not repeating the previous cuts will help your grass grow evenly in all orders, bringing out the natural beauty of the lawn.

  • Sharpen lawn mower blades regularly. Blade sharpening not only gives you a sharp, high-performance tool, but it can also extend the life of your product. Along with blade sharpening, you should also clean the machine regularly as a simple maintenance measure, solving and preventing any blockages inside the machine.


If you are interested in lawn mowers under 300, in addition to learning information on how to choose, tips and tricks when using, you should not miss the following frequently asked questions:

What's the difference between a rotary mower and a cylinder mower?

A rotary blade is the most common design of lawn mowers. The unique feature of this design is that the single blade rotates around a fixed position under the machine.

Meanwhile, the cylinder mower works like a pair of scissors. The advantage of this type of machine is that it gives a rather aesthetic finish. However, it is almost impossible to use this design for bumpy terrain or tall grass.

What size mower should I get?

In theory, you will need to choose a product with a large floor size if you have a large lawn. However, the answer depends on many factors: budget, lawn area, lawn characteristics, your personal needs.

How do I get a striped finish on my lawn?

To leave streaks when mowing, you will need to own a model with a roller. At the same time, you should also consider the weight of this machine. 

Because if you want the most impressive stripes, you should prioritize products with a more considerable significance.


Buying a lawnmower has never been easier than it is today. Because you can find detailed product information, refer to customer reviews. More importantly, you can find a model that meets all your requirements for a reasonably affordable price.

I hope the above sharing related to Best Lawn Mowers Under 300 helps you search, choose, and use products.

I Hope you find a good companion for your lawn care soon.

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