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Best Cordless Chainsaw 2022 - Reviews and Tricks

Lawns Tools Team
  Jul 3, 2022 11:57 PM

Are you looking for a best cordless chainsaw? We investigated, purchased, and tested 12 of the top models currently available in a hands-on, side-by-side comparison to eliminate any guessing. We devised a thorough set of trials and testing to determine which of these instruments has the optimum sawing capability, power consumption, user-friendliness, and also how much noise every model makes. Then we took each model to a lumberyard to get a feel for it in a hands-on situation. After weeks of testing, it was evident which saws were capable of slicing through the competitors.

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1. EGO Power+ CS1804 18-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Chain Saw 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

A better alternative than the Ego Power+ CS1800 is difficult to come by. With a 56V 5Ah battery that charges swiftly, this model gives plenty of power. The CS1800 performed some of the fastest cutting in our lab during side-by-side tests. We tested it in actual life while developing mountain bike trails and discovered it to be equally impressive. An LED light, metal bucking spikes, and an 18" bar are among the features that contribute to the overall simplicity of use of the performance of this chainsaw.


Excellent work.

The bar is quite long.

Lights made with LED

Chain tensioning is simple and straightforward.


The charging time is longer. 

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2.  WORX WG322 20V Power Share 10" Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

This model boasts a number of appealing features that the competition lacks. Not everyone needs a huge saw with a big clunky battery. The 20V battery in this model is significantly smaller and lighter than those found in most saws, ranging from 36V to 80V. The WG322 is easy to haul, lift, plus operate thanks to its greatly decreased weight, decreased body size, and 10-inch bar. This type is very quiet, making it ideal for use in homes or workshops. Furthermore, it is cost-effective. These tools can be quite expensive; if you don't want extra bar length, power or range, there's no reason to spend the extra money on high performance.



Extremely quiet




A mediocre performance

Mediocre battery life

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3. Husqvarna 120i Cordless Electric Chainsaws, Orange/Gray

It is a powerful cordless chainsaw that won't drain your bank account. This model is capable of much more than just proper cuts and is quite simple to use. In comparison to many other models, this saw uses a tiny amount of bar and chain oil. The 120i's unrivaled battery life is our favorite feature. This gadget boasts one of the lengthiest batteries we've seen, and in "saveE" mode, it extends battery life even further by diminishing chain speed for jobs that aren't as demanding. This saw is an excellent choice because it combines efficient cutting, beautiful design, low price and unprecedented delivery time.


Battery life that is unrivaled

 2 chain speed settings.

Only consumes a small amount of bar and chain oil.



Workflow can be slowed down by controls.

The chain tensioning system isn't ideal.

When it comes to cutting, It's not the fastest.

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1. What is a Lithium-ion battery?

If you've ever used a cordless chainsaw, you're probably aware that they use nickel-cadmium batteries, which have become typical in cordless chainsaws. They were, however, less efficient than lithium-ion batteries.

Nickel-cadmium batteries have insufficient performance. Almost all of the time, it causes the battery to deplete, necessitating the purchase of a new one if you purchased a chainsaw with a nickel-cadmium battery.

Lithium-ion batteries, in contrast, are lighter and offer greater capacity. As a result, choosing a chainsaw with a lithium-ion battery is always a good idea. We believe that this is the best well-informed purchase decision you could make.

You should be aware that some lithium-ion batteries are heavier than standard lithium-ion batteries. As a result, make sure the chainsaw and battery are both the right weight. The goal is to see if you can move the chainsaw without difficulty.

2.  What is Brushless Motors?

A cordless chainsaw uses a battery, as we all know. The battery, however, is not a required component of the chainsaw's electrical system. The chainsaw's motor draws electricity from the batteries and uses it to operate the moving parts. This is especially true when discussing the chain that circles the bar.

So, even though it has a good battery life, a cordless chainsaw with a low-quality motor would not work properly. Carbon brushes were used before in electric motors to aid in energy transfer. Brushless motors have now been put in these machines, making them not just cordless but also efficient.

3.  What is an Automatic Bar Oiling System?

When it comes to selecting the best cordless chainsaw, the automated bar oiling system is a vital consideration. Because persistent contact between metals causes them to rust, appropriate lubrication of these components with oil is required.

Friction commonly occurs between the chainsaw's chain and the bar. As a result, with a good oiling system, the chain will run smoothly. The chains of a chainsaw that does not have an automatic bar oiling mechanism, in contrast, will readily break.

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