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Best Chainsaw 2022: Which One Is Best Suit For You?

Lawns Tools Team
  Jul 3, 2022 11:25 PM

A table saw becomes an indispensable tool for carpenters and crafting wooden products thanks to its flexible cutting ability. The correct and safe use of the saw is essential for a carpenter because most consider the saw as the primary tool in their work.

In addition, the utility and dangers of the saw are entirely possible. Still, the problems are entirely foreseen and avoided if you know how to pay attention during use. Today, we will learn together about the best chainsaw 2022.

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Buying Guides

Needs and purposes of use

Before buying any machine, you need to clearly define your needs and purposes to choose the most suitable product. 

Determining the purpose of using the saw will make it easier for you to select the type of machine to buy. You also have to based on your needs to use more or less, but choose a device with a suitable capacity, because a device with a large degree is often equivalent to that high price:

  • If you are an individual user or a householder needing to use the machine not too much, the chain saw with a small capacity will be a reasonable choice because they are low cost and easy to use.

  • If you are a craftsman who needs to buy professional machines, you should choose a chainsaw with a large capacity. This machine series has a powerful motor and the ability to work continuously, which can meet the needs of large processing jobs, but at a higher cost. Therefore, before buying a machine, you need to define your needs and purposes to avoid waste.

Occupational safety

You must take precautions right from the shopping step as a lethal tool. When buying a circular saw, pay attention to the protection feature. The machine must have a wide rim, a firm handle with less sweat, a safety lock, and an electronic brake.

Battery-powered, electric or gas-powered.

  • The battery-powered chain saw has a more compact design with a handheld design, flexible use anywhere. However, the battery-powered machine usually has a small capacity, so it often prunes soft and small branches.

  • Electric current has a larger capacity, using electricity to operate, making it environmentally friendly. However, it needs to be connected to a power source when using the machine, so the working process is not flexible when moving.

  • Gasoline chain saw products have the largest capacity, are flexible in use, and are often chosen by many workers because of their strong working ability. However, this machine uses gasoline fuel with a 2-stroke engine, emitting smoke that causes environmental pollution when operating with new, improved models to be more environmentally friendly.


Here are the 3 best saw products that you can refer to for your family:

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw - Best for performance


  • Dimensions: 20.69 x 13.19 x 10.81 inches

  • Country of Origin: China

  • Weight: 12.5 pounds

  • Manufacturer: Black & Decker Outdoor


Product highlights

The BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw chainsaw operates with a 15 Amp motor for stronger wood sawing. The saw machine uses raw gasoline materials, so there is no limit to the working distance. 

The device comes with a bar and chain, so it helps save money on buying accessories. Compact design and weighs about 12.5 pounds, specialized for sawing trees with less than 70cm diameter.

The machine easily installs the saw blade and adjusts the chain tension. The tooth pitch and thick, sturdy chain surface help cut wood extremely fast and give a smooth cut: gasoline-powered version is easy to start, anti-vibration system with rubber shock absorber system.

The saw has a specialized design for sawing large tree trunks or wooden bars, saving time and labor. Products are manufactured according to modern technology, with high precision, ensuring optimal work efficiency and extended use time.

Chain saw with automatic ignition, compact fuel tank, easy to start, anti-vibration system with rubber shock absorber system, and specially machined saw blade for powerful performance.

In addition, the manufacturer has created products made of suitable, durable materials capable of working in harsh conditions. 

In addition, the manufacturer designed a comfortable grip with an anti-slip design, which does not cause hand fatigue when holding for a long time, and makes control more straightforward, more flexible, and safer.


  • Strong operation.

  • A rather large fuel tank capacity

  • The machine has a very convenient start-up method.

  • The product is very light in weight,

  • Reasonable price


  • Has a bit of loud noise during use

Greenworks 40V 16" BL Chainsaw - Best for lightweight


  • Dimensions: 31 x 9 x 8.5 inches

  • Weight: 10.36 pounds

  • Manufacturer: Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC


Product highlights

Greenworks 40V 16" BL Chainsaw is equipped with a brushless motor and a chain speed of up to 20m/s, providing powerful performance comparable to gasoline-powered chainsaws. Using the machine to sew and cut logs with a diameter of 400mm in a delicious way, accompanied by the ability to operate smoothly, extremely low noise brings comfort when used for a long time.

The manufacturer has equipped the product with 2 safety lock buttons and a modern brake system. Specifically, the manufacturer has designed an excellent lock button next to the chainsaw handle to help you operate quickly when there is an unexpected problem. 

Currently, tools are increasingly convenient for convenience and environmental friendliness, so machine brands constantly improve battery-powered products.

Not only achieving impressive power levels, but Greenworks 40V 16" BL Chainsaw also brings convenience with a modern battery-powered motor system. Now, you have an additional chain saw that can quickly move anywhere, any harshest construction conditions.

Besides, Greenworks 40V 16" BL Chainsaw with zero emissions will bring a clean and comfortable space for users like never before. You also don't need to measure and align the amount of gasoline but need 2 to load two LXV 18V batteries, and the saw is ready to work.

The outstanding feature of the battery chainsaw is that you do not need to change the engine oil, spark plugs or discharge fuel to store it like when in use. As a result, you can cut maintenance costs and use the machine more easily and quickly, saving more labor time. Instead, you need to add lubricating oil to the Makita DUC406, and the device can adjust automatically and operate smoothly.


  • Excellent battery life for long work

  • The wireless design brings freedom

  • Lots of accessories included

  • Ability to work quickly


  • Short warranty

52cc Gas Chainsaws 20 Inch Bar - Best for smart design


  • Dimensions: 21.2 x 12.9 x 11.2 inches

  • Weight: 18.21 pounds

  • Pattern: ‎G7-52CC 20 inch

  • Power Source: Gas Powered, Manual, Gasoline-powered

Product highlights

52cc Gas Chainsaws 20 Inch Bar Power Chain Saws has an eye-catching navy blue color. Compact design fits the reach and strength of many people, so men or women can use it. In terms of materials, this company pays great attention to making sure the machine is very sturdy, using high-quality plastic, not worrying about being brittle like some conventional models.

The chain saw blade is of sturdy material that will not chip when cutting large or complex tree trunks. The chain is also sharp and sturdy, thus quickly cutting any branches and trunks. The handle design is relatively reasonable, easy to hold and move, and will not feel tired when used.

The detailed parts on the machine will have solid screws, so when in use, there will be no situation of loosening leading to the loss of screws, causing the engine to fail quickly, and finding the suitable screws is also tricky.

The machine is also equipped with anti-rust ability despite frequent exposure to wet conditions or harsh weather, giving you a product with long service life, contributing to a complete saw.

Using a simple engine is a mighty, stable operation and low noise level so that you can be assured entirely during use. This chain saw uses gasoline mixed with oil. Generally, it does not use electricity, so when you need to move it more accessible, just fill it up with fuel, you can cut the machine comfortably and take it to many different places.

Usage is quite simple, and you just need to start the engine and then move to the position where it needs to be cut. The machine can cut various branches and trunks quickly and exceptionally "smoothly," so you don't need to worry.


  • Excellent battery life for long work

  • Lots of accessories included

  • Ability to work quickly

  • The wireless design brings freedom


  • It has a pretty high price tag

Tip and Tricks

Start the machine gradually

Using a battery-powered chainsaw, starting the machine is very easy. 

Insert the battery, unlock the chain brake, grasp both handles and press the button on the underside of the rear handle and the side button with your thumb.

For gasoline chainsaws, there are two ways to start safely. The first is to create your chainsaw on the ground by placing your foot on the bottom handle guard to secure the saw.

 Check that the chain brake is locked, adjust the controls on starting, and finally pull the starter rope.

For experienced and frequent users of chainsaws, the rear handle of the saw can be placed between the user's legs instead of on the ground when starting the machine.

Maximum chain speed before cutting

When using the saw, make sure the chain is running at full speed before making contact with the wood. If it's too slow, it can pull you toward the log and throw you off balance.

Also of note, the most dangerous part of a chainsaw is the bar's tip. You may have heard the term 'kickback' – this happens when the bar's information makes contact with the wood, causing it to kick back towards the operator, which could result in injury or death.

When the chain is at full speed, the safest method is to contact the wood with the center of the bar and slightly off the machine head.

If you notice that you have to push hard on the saw when cutting wood, it may be because the chain has not been sharpened enough. Stop the saw and recheck the chain. Remember that a chainsaw is not a hand saw. No force is required to push and pull the saw back and forth, which could throw you off balance!

Electrical safety

  • The plug of the power tool must be suitable for the outlet. Never modify the plug in any way. Also, do not use a grounding (ground) adapter plug. The original plug and the correct socket will reduce the risk of electric shock.

  • Avoid physical contact with soil or grounded objects such as pipes, heaters, fences, and refrigerators. There is a greater risk of electric shock if your body is grounded or grounded.

  • Do not grasp the cord to carry, pull, or unplug the power tool. Do not place the line near high heat, oil, sharp objects, or moving parts. Damaging or tangling the conductor increases the risk of electric shock.

  • Do not leave the power tool in the rain or wet conditions. Water entering the machine increases the risk of electric shock.

  • If work conditions require construction in a humid place, use an automatic circuit breaker (RCD) to protect the source and reduce the electric shock risk.


What type of saw should I choose to use?

Currently, there are many different types of saws on the market, making it difficult for you to know which product to choose. However, according to advice, you should use cordless chainsaws because they do not have a pulling cable and are relatively light and compact.

During use, they help you to use less force. However, if you don't know if you're sure to use them for a long time, you can try one before you buy to check if they have enough batteries to meet the job.

What kind of electric chain saw should I buy?

Currently, most electric chainsaws have a capacity of about 1800W or 2000W and usually have a guide rod about 35-40 cm long. Overall, both make good use of tasks like moving around the garden. 

In particular, the 40cm length can cut thicker and longer logs than the 35cm long saw, and of course, the 2000W product will work better than 1800W.

How much do I need to pay for a good saw?

Depending on the product you choose, there will be different prices such as:

  • Cordless chainsaws will cost around $100-500.

  • Gasoline chainsaws will be more expensive than electric ones and cost about $100. However, well-known brands like Stihl, Husqvarna, and McCulloch will cost up to $500 each.

  • Wired electric chainsaws are pretty cheap, only about $ 50.


The above is the most basic information about chainsaws and sharing with you information about the best chainsaw 2022. To choose genuine chainsaw products from famous brands, you should look for the best chainsaws. Reputable sales address or find big e-commerce platforms like Amazon!

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